Structure Sunday

I love to blog. I really do. But I haven't been doing it much. I think it's because I  have too much to say.

So I have done what any good engineer would do : I have given myself some constraints. 

The constraints will be on the blog topics. How about these categories: 

Structure Sunday

Medical Monday

Wellness Wednesday 

Food Friday 

And I will be more brief, since you're busy too, right ? So here goes. 

I think Sunday evening is a good time to take a look at the structure of the week. I also am a firm believer that you ought to use some sort of media. If you are a paper person, get out your paper notebook, calendar or day runner. I mean if you organize with paper, make it a great, tricked out comprehensive day runner with all the trimmings. If you are a digital organizer, make sure you are using your apps like ical to their fullest extent. If you feel you aren't,  just go through the settings on the app and go find the help sections and just read. Julie Morganstern, in the DVD " Time Management from the Inside Out"  emphasizes the obvious: Have only one comprehensive system. Don't have both paper and digital. And whatever one it is, LOOK at it everyday. ( This DVD is in the " Retail Therapy " area of the site. ). 

At any rate, look at the week. Figure out what must get done and what is on the calendar for each day in the upcoming week. In particular, take this opportunity to determine when your workouts will be each day. Mark down two separate days when you can shop for all that good fresh food.

I have to look at the week; my life feels like it is a series of weeks. But some people have to look just a day at a time. Some people look at quarter, month, week and day. You pick. 

Consider taking some time to see how others do it. There are many books out on the market on personal organization, and it is hard to tell which might be good. Unless, you are a member of Goodreads. This is cool website on books, and yes it is tied to Amazon and Audible. But it is a reader community and I have found it to be wonderful. I present to you the five best books on personal organization according to the Goodreads community. I would also like to mention one of my favorites, " The HBR Guide to Getting the Right Work Done " by Harvard Business Review Press. I will make sure it and others like it are in my Amazon shop in the"  Retail Therapy" area  of my site. 

Whether you are a Homemaker or a CEO, you need structure. So check out these great resources and have a great week.