Hard at work in my digital workshop

You will love what I am working on. First, I have been working on my presentation skills. I was asked to give my Tedx talk again, this time for a large group at the hospital. I was again nervous, but not as much this time. I refined the slides, and indeed, it went more smoothly. 

Good thing too, because I will be speaking in front of an even larger group, YOU, on October 25th, Saturday, for the Baby Fair. I will be speaking in the afternoon on nutrition and exercise in pregnancy. I am busy preparing some colorful slides, and I am mightily resisting the temptation to geek out making boring complicated slides with lots of tiny words. 

So in that spirit, I will share one of the new slides with you. 

This is to be one of 36 graphics on nutrition. They each represent a simple reminder about nutrition. I hope to finish a deck of 36 cards by the end of the week. Maybe you will see some at my talk, or on the website, which by the way is coming along. Still a work in progress. Please keep in touch via the website or Facebook, but I much prefer the website. You can leave comments after each blog post by using the comments below or use the feedback link in the left sided menubar, which floats besides every page. I really am interested to hear what  you want to learn.