Medical Monday: Let's just not get sick

Medical Monday

It’s cold and flu season again. Let’s just not get any of it, K ?

Flu Shot in Blue

Here’s how I propose we opt out of the majority of winter illness.

1.     Avoid contact with sick people.

2.     Don’t go to work or school when you are sick.

3.     Make a habit of handwashing, with soap, for 15 seconds. Fifteen ! Teach everyone in the house to wash their hands like this when they walk in the door.

4.    Get a flu vaccine. ( See photo at right for how it's done. ) Everyone 6 months and older should get one. Children between 2 and 8 can get a nasal spray instead of a shot. The chance of a bad reaction is vanishingly small, but the chances of flu or complications from flu are not insignificant. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to flu.

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5.     Use a peroxide based mouthwash (like Rembrandt) in the evening after brushing or flossing.

6.     Drink lots of herb tea in the day.

7.     Use a clean humidifier if your mouth and nose are suffering from cold or heater related dryness.

8.     Wipe down your handheld devices (phones) once in a while.

9.     Eat well, get enough sleep, and do daily cardio. Moderate daily cardio really strengthens the immune system.

All this will probably help, you know.