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Our Practice and Philosophy

Ours is a solo practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology established in 1994. We are a cohesive team who are well trained and who value and enjoy our work. All of our office staff have medical training, and the office has enjoyed a low rate of staff turnover.

We offer seamless personal prenatal care, with labor and delivery at Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Our department offers the comforts of a dedicated birthing center, with the security of Obstetric, Perinatal, and Anesthesia support, the onsite Neonatology service and Newborn ICU.                                                                                                                                                             

Dr. Nelson was taught that the best Obstetrician is also a Gynecologist and that the best Gynecologist is also an Obstetrician. This is of course because these disciplines together span a woman’s life cycle from the first period to beyond menopause. A holistic view of women’s health encompasses knowledge and experience from both fields. In that spirit we offer the full range of office and surgical Gynecology services. Dr. Nelson performs minimally invasive advanced laparoscopic surgery for cases such as hysterectomies and other indications such as endometriosis. She is fully trained in Davinci Robotic Surgery. She uses both traditional and newer surgical approaches for urinary incontinence surgery, such as the Burch and the Monarc. She also is trained in the newer popular incision free sterilization procedure known as the Essure, and enjoys staying up to date with advances in surgery.

 Dr. Nelson may serve as primary caregiver for a woman, performing annual exams and health screenings. We emphasize health maintenance. Annual checkups devote considerable time to nutrition and exercise in all phases of a woman’s life. We also discuss body-mind issues as they pertain to physical health and overall well-being. For our established patients, appointments on short notice are available for active symptoms. We provide indicated referrals, patient advocacy, coordinate consults with other sub-specialists, and generally assist patients in navigating the maze that is health care. Our outlook is woman-centered and pro-family. 

Dr. Nelson and her staff participate in continuing education and certification. We pride ourselves on practicing evidence based medicine. To that end, the office uses a comprehensive office management and electronic medical record system and was one of the first offices in the state of Montana to qualify for “Meaningful Use“. We continually assess the sustainability of our practice and look for ways to make it “green”, staff friendly and patient friendly.  Our work on this website is part of our goal to make a positive impact in the lives our patients and the community in general.

 Dr. Nelson is a Board Certified Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She is currently serving her third term as department chair at Kalispell Regional Health Care  and is an active member of the medical staff community. 

 Dr. Nelson and staff thank you for your interest. 

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