Blog Etiquette and Home Birth

Clearly I am a new blogger. However I am not a new thinker or a new doctor.

I am beginning to learn the rules of blogging. I agree with some of them. The rules say you must keep it short. They also say you need a picture, placed just so. The assumption here is that readers have short attention spans, and that they will leave your page if you don't catch and keep their attention. Bloggers are also told not to worry too much about grammar. You would never think of annotating or giving footnotes. 

Well, I am about to break all of the rules. I think that readers are capable and interested in that which relates to them. So if you will forgive me the blogger's liberties I will be taking, we can proceed. 

I will be sending you to a link within my website wherein you will see a 2700 word essay about home birth. This was all inspired by several home birth complications which I have witnessed or inherited here in this Valley of late. Sorry the whole site isn't more finished, but I am working on it steadily. This darn day job is quite absorbing. The first half of gyn is finished, along with my favorite set of pages called "Information and Learning". 

It is very difficult to write about patient cases. One must always guard confidentiality, be professional, and do no harm. So for those reasons I will not be presenting cases. I will however, present propaganda and scientific literature, complete with references. So get your cup of tea, and settle in to show off your good attention span. 

Click on the scene below to take you to your link, and also, to a nice collection of old art depicting birth. 

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