Learning how to learn 




"The beginning of wisdom is to desire it."

Solomon ibn Gabirol, Spanish Jewish leader and poet , d. 1058, Common Era 



"Information wants to be free."

Stewart Brand to Steve Wozniak, circa 1984 at the first Hackers's conference. ( 1. )


There are all sorts of ways to learn. If you are interested in learning about issues in Obstetrics and Gynecology, the task might seem daunting. One easy step is to come here, to this website, which includes some of the same teaching you might receive in our office. It also contains a carefully curated collection of the best informational and inspirational content out on the web. 

Before you delve in, I would like to give you a few tools that physicians are given to use in sifting through vast collections of information. With these tools you can head out into the wilds of the internet, confident that you can sort the useful from the worthless. You will not find a bigger fan of the internet than me. Nonetheless, caution is necessary.  It is essential to realize that the internet is an unregulated place often absent of accountability. Many, myself included, believe this trait of unregulated freedom of the internet is essential to its vitality.  However, this same aspect of the internet requires us to employ our critical faculties when searching there. Click here for your tools. 

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