Your internet learning toolbox


1. You will want to be aware of the source of whatever you read. Who is the author, what are their credentials? Are they speaking for themselves or a whole organization? 

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2. You will want to follow the money.  This means you determine the financial interest of anyone providing information. Are they trying to sell you something? 


3. You will want to determine levels of evidence for any scientific research you might read. Levels of evidence are formally defined, scientifically and statistically derived categories of information quality. You can learn more about levels of evidence by clicking on the Statistics books. 

4. You will want to determine the amount of responsibility the author bears for what they are writing. If you follow their fireplace installation instructions and your house burns down, will they compensate you for it? 

In summary, 

Consider the source. 

Follow the money. 

Know level of evidence. 

Got accountability?