adolescent misogyny

I felt very done with posting about the recent shootings, until, another one happened and until I saw this article: 

Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

I thought I had a grasp of two of the most important factors in play: guns and bullying. This article let me in on a whole other aspect of the situation of which I was unaware. It is a shocking but well written and heartfelt article. I am passing it on because I think these ideas need more exposure. 

It discusses a virulent strain of geek culture wherein young adolescent men alternatively idolize and revile the attractive and popular women who don't date them. The narrative broadens to describe " rape culture "  as it has been portrayed in the popular media and online. It is an eye opener. So I pass it on to you, with one caveat: Do not extrapolate and apply these observations to everyone in this social group. Nerd and geek culture is evolving and more and more it includes women.

And speaking of rape culture, can someone explain to me how so many people can tolerate watching Game of Thrones ?