Food Fridays: Summer Eating Digest

Summer cooking and eating is a special case. Here is a handy review post for you to access all of your summer tips I have written so far in one convenient place. Some are for safety, and some are for taste. You’ll be glad you looked at this quick review. Click on the links to see more. 


The Picnic Post:

This has the most explicit information on food safety in the site, plus some helpful links. 


The Healthy Barbecue Post:

This is right on time for your next outing. There’s a fair amount here about how not to burn the house down or end up in the emergency room.


The Summer Drinks Post:

 You not find beer or sugary soda in this eclectic list.


The Cold Food Post:

This is a recent post here in case you missed it:


The Salsa Post:

This is one of my favorite older posts I really enjoyed making:


The Cold Dessert Post:


Anybody hungry yet ?

( My apologies to those in the Southern hemisphere who are in the middle of their winter.)