Wellness Wednesday: Sleep Hygiene with Sketches

It is summer in the far north and the days are long...so long they stretch into the night. Farmers work until 11 pm and dinner is at about 9pm in broad daylight. Then the evening comes, and by 11 pm you feel the evening is just getting started. A movie is chosen and whoops, you are up way too late, especially since the sun comes blazing in shortly after 5:30am. 

So I though I would take this opportunity to share with you some sketches I did for my wellness reminder cards that pertained to the importance of good sleep hygiene. Each card will hopefully remind the user of a key principle, with the image on one side, and the reminder on the other. 

1. Adequate Restorative Sleep 

With few exceptions, adults need 7-8 hours of sleep. You should wake, almost spontaneously, and feel rested. That is the meaning of restorative sleep. 



2. Consistent Wake Time

Having a consistent wake time actually helps you fall asleep properly at bedtime. 





3. Consistent Sleep Time

Once you get in a routine, you will start to get sleepy at the right time. 





4. Correct Sleep Environment

The room should be dark, quiet and cool, without electronics or snoring people. 






5. Medical Evaluation of Necessary

Most major hospitals have a Sleep Center or Department of Sleep Medicine. There is now the recognition that sleep health underscores all health. Rigorous studies can be done to assess sleep problems, and treatments are available. 



To learn more see our webpage on sleep HERE

Next week on wellness Wednesday we will continue with more wellness reminders. 

Nighty Night !