Structure Sunday: The Structure of a Family Road Trip

Family road trips are traditionally fraught with stress. But yours doesn't have to be. The road trip season is upon us and you will want to prepare.

irst of all let the kids in on the plan. Get them involved in the preparations. It won't hurt them a bit to learn the organizational skills necessary for a small vacation. In fact you can delegate age appropriate chores to kids from 5 To 95 and that will make everyone all the more engaged. 

  • Pick a destination. 
  • Pick a route. 
  • Research attractions along the route and at the destination. 
  • Make sure everyone gets some say on the activities.
  • Go over the fine art of packing light and packing layers. 
  • Make sure everyone has a duffle and a backpack of their own.
  • Choose some activities for traveling. Choose a mix of electronic and paper content. 
  • Choose a mixture of packed food and culinary stops along the way. 
  • Always plan for minor illness and inclement weather. 
  • Plan your stops if there is any question of availability of lodging. 
  • Encourage each traveller to document the trip in their own way, i.e. Diary, sketchbook, iPhone, camera, etc. 
  • Confirm you have necessary charging and connectivity cords, batteries, etc. 
  • As the trip leader, personally confirm the travel arrangements from the condition of your car to the AAA membership.  

What could go wrong? : ) We ourselves are on the road heading down to Missoula for the Lindsey Stirling concert. It is turning into a bit of a culinary tour since when I left home, I stopped by the natural food store and got a bag of healthy car foods and drinks. Then going past the lake, grandma offered us waffles with berries. In Ronan we stopped by a little red and white taco place and I just knew the tacos would be crispy and hot. They were. Our intentions were then set on a bakery further down the road whose reputation had preceded it. Alas it was closed, but it made a good picture. (See photo.)



Travelling is an important family activity when learning takes place and memories are made. Takes these steps to make sure that both are good.