Wellness Wednesday: Lists, graphics and graphs, oh my !

My site was written first and foremost for my patients. In clinic, I have glass marker boards on the walls, and I commonly draw or write on them to summarize a topic or clarify material. The site will eventually be a repository of all the good graphs, drawings and reminders which people have found useful. And to the right, are a few of my chicken scratchings to amuse you. These will eventually get clarified,  " graphicized " and put on the site. 

I am also busy making a little digital cookbook for my son Vale. He is working on a degree in Product Design engineering at MSU and is living off campus. He has an interest in cooking and healthy eating, but lacks the family collections of recipes. so I am in the process of digitalizing all that. And, me being who I am, I took the liberty to enclose a few chapters on nutrition : ) in his cookbook. I will share a couple pages of these with you even though the whole section is not close to being done. Here are the links : 




P.S. I also included a useful little pdf handout on the gram content of protein in common foods. You'll have to click around to find it ! 

Dr. Gina