People usually think of starchy food like bread, rice, potatoes and cereal when they think of carbohydrates (CHO). But fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates too, just healthier ones. 

Carbohydrates are worth understanding. Their correct use can give you sustained energy while there misuse can lead to numerous health problems. Carbohydrates break down into sugar, which we need to function. But if sugar enters our system faster than we can use it, it is unhealthy and is stored as fat. Carbohydrates fall along a spectrum in their physical and chemical makeup. Depending on their characteristics they breakdown and enter the bloodstream at various rates. 


A scale called glycemic index is currently used to quantify this important trait. 

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When going about your day, 

your understanding of CHO metabolism 

will help you feel good, stay alert, and keep your ideal weight. 

Your goal is to keep a steady blood sugar, 

You attain this by including low GI, high nutrient 

carbohydrates and protein at each of your 3 meals and snacks.





Milk and cookies anyone ?