Food Friday: Food is for Celebrating !

January and February are big birthday months for our family and I'm glad. After the holidays, and with the weather, these months can seem kind of dismal. Don't let this happen. Research from many fields indicated that we are happier and healthier when we connect with others. And, it is an ancient human tradition to connect over food: To break bread with one another, or in our case, cake. 

I generally make most of our gatherings pot luck. This way, everyone can contribute and no one person is overburdened. Plus, you get more variety. Yes, you have to clean and spruce your house and buy a few extra groceries, but it is well worth the fun. You may choose an occasion as a reason to get together, or have none at all. We have done board game nights, movie nights, a mocktail party, and of course gatherings for birthdays and holidays. My friend's son once had a Braveheart party. And about birthdays: don't think anyone is too old for a birthday party. Just do it. 

If you would like to learn more about how social connections are associated with longevity and happiness, let me refer you to the book Thrive, by Dan Buettner. It is not to be missed. It is about the lifestyles of those around the globe who are very long lived. You might be surprised at what you learn. This book is listed in my " Retail therapy" section of the website in my Amazon store.