Structure Sunday: bags, boxes and containers

You all know that I am all about fitness, nutrition and productivity. In today's post I am going to reveal the Secret behind having all of these : bags. Yes bags, and to a lesser extent boxes and other containers.

I think it is entirely possible that love of bags, boxes and containers can be taken to the level of obsession. I mean, they're not even a thing. They are a thing that hold other things. And yet, they can be so appealing and so useful. I chose to write about them today because they can make a number of aspects of your life better. 

Take nutrition. When you shop, you want to be mindful of what you buy. One way to do that is to bring your bags. Most grocery stores have their version of a reusable bag. Places like Pier One have cheap but beautiful ones. Natural Grocers has a sturdy version in burlap. At any rate, you are thinking green when you bring those, and so by association you are thinking healthy, and so you are NOT going to fill one of those up with white bread and soda pop. That just isn't going to happen. 

Once home, you have to plan for tomorrow's lunch and snacks so you can avoid eating unhealthy, eating out, or going without. A nice lunch bag makes this so much easier. It gets you excited for packing your lunch. You can also include a wide mouth or a drink thermos. Think about what you would want in your dream lunch bag, and then go find it. I saw some good ones at Target the other day. Pack it all with a lunch and two snacks while you're cleaning up from dinner. 

Then there's the ski bag, the lake bag, the picnic or go-to-a-potluck rigid basket, and so on. Fix some of these up and things will start Happening.

I would like to highlight two more: the gym bag, and the office bag. 

Regarding your gym bag, yours will not stink. The gym bag is inspiring. You have an outfit in which you feel comfortable, the right shoes, a coordinated water bottle, and your ear buds. Sometimes you need changes of clothes, and shower stuff, depending. Trick yours out and you will get to the gym more than ever. 

Finally the office bag. In order to ready your office bag, which people used to call a briefcase, you have to clean it out, look at your schedule for the next week and the next day, then pack it back up with the necessary files and items to get those things done. You make sure all your electronics are charging, and that you have enclosed your favorite things like glasses, lipgloss, etc. Doing this will of course, tremendously lower your stress and cause you to feel confident about the week.

See how bags have great health benefits ?