Food Friday: Food for Thought

I think I crave great content even more than great food. I bet most of you are the same. 


Give me a Starbucks and a book. I'll forget about my favorite lemon pound cake and my decaf latte will go cold. Similarly watching a movie during dinner is a great portion reduction plan. 

In the beginnings of the internet age, we all wondered how we would keep up with all the new information. But now I don't worry about that. I have a home page I can customize, and email subscriptions to my favorite websites. I have spam filters to block out most of the garbage, and it all works out fine.

I came from a home where the TV was on all the time. I remember blocking my dad's view just to get his attention.  I don't have TV now. I am therefore not subject to any networks tastes. I choose what I consume. I like it a lot. 

It's not that I don't consume media. I do, and I have a voracious appetite. I have hot piping TED lectures served fresh in my email box every day, and even some mind candy like Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter. I have Netflix, and Apple TV, but I've learned to be really picky, just like I am with food. Only the best for me. Of course I get all the medical stuff, so I can keep up with you all. It's served to me right to my inbox. 

And so it is in that spirit that I would like to serve you a dish or two. I have just set up our blog to be on an RSS feed. This means that whenever a new post is done, those of you who are signed up on our website will get it fresh in your inbox. 

I'd love for you to sign up. I'l do my best to make sure it's good, and good for you. You can sign up on any page of the website, in the left side menubar, or on my office Facebook page in the tab titled email signup. 

And from now on, I'll try to make the Friday blog post about actual food. : )