Producing Food 

Do you even have  a 10 foot by 5 foot patch of soil you can dig ? If so, then you can produce a significant amount of food. No idea how to do that ? Well just about every county in the US of A has a county extension agent. They know everything about growing stuff in your area. They are your resource paid for by your tax dollars. Get in touch with them, and I promise you they can teach you all sorts of things about growing food in your area. 


Community Gardens

These are patches of land which are worked by a variety of people who pay a small fee and who must agree to keep up their plot. 


Of course. Go to or to the library and ask for help in finding books about " container gardening "  or " square foot gardening ". These books will help you understand how to grow significant amounts of food in very small places. 



Even if you can't grow a bunch of food, you can grow nice food which is used in small quantities that is usually very expensive. What's that ? Herbs ! It's very easy to spend pocket change and grow all sorts of beautiful cilantro, parsley, chives, basil and the like. (Pro tip: Let some go to seed and save it for next year. You won't even need pocket change ! ) 

Other serious gardeners

If you live in an area where there are serious gardeners with big gardens, get in touch with them. Chances are, they need help with their garden work, and chances are, they grow more than they need. Voila ! How lucky for you ! Inquire about putting in some hours helping in the garden in exchange for some of the surplus. This could be a great learning opportunity too. Just don't pull up the wrong "weeds". Try asking around at a garden supply store or posting an ad. 

Your own garden

 You are in for some fun, some homework, and some dirty work. The fundamental challenge of a garden is the soil. Learn from your extension agent or from reading, how to prepare the soil. You may have to get help with this, since it heavier work, such as spading, tilling, or applying compost. Secure a reliable source of water, and protection from critters, and the rest is really easy. I will put some of my favorite gardening books into the book section of the "Retail Therapy " section of this website. Go to the Amazon store, then Books, then hobbies, then gardening. It is that important.