High Intensity Interval Training

You probably remember that long, low and slow was the mantra for cardiovascular training. You also probably know that Cardiovascular training and strength training were done separately, with cardio being done most every day and strength only 2-3 days per week. 

These days, all that is considered old school. The old was involved a detailed regimen which was time consuming and often required special equipment or location. That makes it somewhat impractical for busy modern people. 

Enter High Intensity Interval Training. This has been around for a while but hasn't caught on until recently. Here are it's main features: 





Combines aerobic and resistance exercises together in one session

Works in several relatively short high intensity sessions followed by brief rest intervals 

Uses body weight for resistance 

Exercises all major muscle groups in one session


What it does : 

Greater improvement in aerobic fitness in a shorter time 

Greater and more long lasting metabolic benefits (e.g. effect on triglycerides ) in a shorter time 

Greater correction of insulin resistance in a shorter time. (e.g. better blood sugars ) 

Greater fat burn and muscle building in a shorter time. 



Requires some learning about the types of exercises which qualify 

Very sedentary, deconditioned, or medically ill people cannot begin with this, at least without a medical clearance. 



The exercises are easy

Cost factor is low

Can be done anywhere 

Is time efficient 



Where can I get some more information ? 

I have put a selection of my favorite exercise DVDs in the Retail Therapy section of our website. Check out the ones from Beach Body (i.e. Brazilian Butt Lift.... no kidding this is an awesome workout ) , or from Jillian Michaels for some fun HIIT options. There are many many more, and lots of resources online. 

Here are a couple helpful references: 

High Intensity Circuit Training Using Body Weight

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout



P.S.  Beachbody now has an online subsciption program ! I have subscribed and do workouts 6 days per wek and love it ! Give it a look. Sure wish I got a commission ! 


Here's someone else with a great site and she loves Beachbody too !