Return from the Blogging Sabbatical


Hello faithful readers. Thank you for remaining on my list. It has been a big year for me.

I took the blogging year off to start a new business: a French bakery and bistro called Bonjour. Random, you might say, and on one level you would be right. However, I have been a Francophile nearly all my life, and it is something I had long thought about doing. It was a tremendous project for one who had never run a restaurant.

Oddly, the project is deeply intertwined with the hospital where I work. And yes, I am still working full time in medicine. Bonjour is very close to all the medical facilities, and for many adjacent offices, it is in walking distance. We serve staff, patients, and administrators, as well as local professionals on the lunch hour. We feed people who are getting chemo and radiation, and, truly, we comfort the bereaved.

We certainly celebrate. We are all about the big life cycle events.

So, I will be blogging again, despite full time work in Ob/Gyn, and the Bakery, which is fully staffed. However, my blogging will be different. It will be a bit less regimented. There will be some different topics. In particular, I will be blogging about my writing.

I have been planning to write for some time, and that time is now. I have working on clinical stories, and even some fiction. My goal is about 1000 words per day on average. Feel free to hold me to it.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Meanwhile, check out Bonjour at

@bonjourbakeryandbistro on both Facebook and Instagram.

They say that having a project is good for the health. If that is true I should be immortal.