Food Friday: The Travel Food Tour

Food always factors greatly in my traveling. First, I am concerned about healthy snacks that are allowed on the plane. It ends up being nuts, chocolate, and dried meats like jerky. I buy fruit, veggies and drink as soon as I get past security. 

On the plane I either get a club soda with a splash of cranberry juice, or a bloody mary mix with no alcohol: a Virgin Mary. 

For layovers, I like to keep it light but ethnic. My favorite in Salt Lake is the Greek place, since I seldom get this kind of food. In Seattle, it is Asian of some kind, usually Japanese or Chinese. 

 Once to my destination, I had the good fortune to be hosted some lovely people who came originally from the south of India. She, a Biology professor at Stanford, and he an engineer with a company, they were both a bit older, and had freedom in their schedule. They used this time in some part to putter around in a lovely cottage garden that they both maintained. Big sweet oranges were falling off the trees, while diverse peppers, tomatoes and strawberries decorated their respective bushes. 

We shared similar sensibilities in everyday foods, which took my worries away. Additionally we went out a couple times, once to a traditional Indian restaurant and ate family style. It was so much fun since each new dish was a discovery. The second time we went to a old style steakhouse with clients. The dinner was spiced with political conversation. 

The most amazing use of food was at the conference itself. I laughed when I saw the schedule. As there were not one, but two or three breaks between breakfast and lunch. Tables were set all over the place amidst and some times in auditoriums. The food at morning break might be poached pears, or filled croissants. Lunch was often salmon with several vegetables. Mid afternoon, tea with something on the sweet side was served, from strawberry shortcake to cups of fresh fruit. Fruited ice water was everywhere. 

All of this abundance encouraged a relaxed attitude. People sat with each other ate short frequent meals or servings. Before long another session would be called, and then another break, so it kept people mixing in a very genial fashion. The food was entertaining as well as delicious, so it was an instant conversation starter, fostering very positive feelings.

Finally my travels usually include some exotic purchases. This time I headed to an Indian grocery store which we lack, and picked up some very fresh spices. Small and light, they were easy to bring home. 

I have long advocated that my patients pay more attention to their food. If you do, you will enjoy it more and it will be of a better quality. This fits my vision that enjoyment of good food, good social life and good health go together.