Wellness Wednesday: Hydration 101 

Summer has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere.

Our part of the planet is pointed much more directly at the sun and you can feel it. Sun protection and hydration become critical. Last Wednesday we covered mosquito protection and this week we will recap hydration. 

A July post from last year has some facts that bear repeating: 

  • 2 Liters = the amount of fluid a non pregnant woman needs per day
  • 3 Liters= the amount of fluid a pregnant woman needs per day
  • Add 1 Liter for temps over 85 degrees
  • Add 1 more Liter for activity like hiking. 

So… the fluid requirement for a pregnant woman hiking on a hot day is 5 Liters !!! 


Watermelon juice.jpg

And to recap…


Consider a woman weighing 154#=70kg

  • 60% of the body=water =42 kg or 4.2 Liters for our 70 kg woman
  • 1% loss of fluid = 42 ml impairs thermoregulation and causes thirst. 
  • 2% loss of fluid - discomfort and loss of appetite 
  • 3% loss of fluid - dry mouth appear
  • 4% loss of fluid- work capacity decreased 
  • 5% loss of fluid- reduced concentration, headache, and sleeping 
  • 6% loss of fluid-tingling and numbness of extremities 
  • 7% loss of fluid-collapse 

Taken from the World Health Association (WHO) website 


Hydration does a number of great things

Firstly, it protects you from harms: 

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Kidney Stones 
  • Preterm labor 
  • Headache 
  • Helps prevent heat stroke 

see Weathering the Heat 

Finally, hydration makes you feel good and look good. 


It’s fun to get creative with your healthy drinks.

Break out of the old routine of sodas and beer which do nothing but dehydrate and put fat on the belly. 

Try these instead : 

  • Plain Club Soda with a little splash of 100% fruit juice and twists of citrus 
  • Mocktails like a Virgin Mary or a not so sweet Virgin Daquiri
  • Herbal iced tea or Sun tea, sweetened with a little fruit juice 
  • Healthier frappes made with ice, one pump of chocolate, and your milk of choice 
  • Green smoothies 

Drinking a tall cold glass of something healthy and fun is good for you both physically and mentally. It gives you a little creative outlet, and a chance to sit down and take a micro break. 

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