Food Friday: Kitchen Gadget Heaven

I have a kitchen gadget fetish. But I am not ashamed. Food…including the taste, the process, and the nutrition, is very important to me. It is worth my time and money. I have my priorities. Over time, I have learned what I really need in the way of kitchen gadgets. I would like to share my thoughts with you, so you don’t end up spending your money on stuff you don’t use. 

Good kitchen equipment is nice, but not essential to delicious healthy food. Many memorable meals were made in tiny European kitchens or over an open fire by a river with very little in the way of gadgetry.

Some basics as needed, and most can be obtained at your local goodwill store. Moreover, parents and family are usually willing to part with older serviceable items like blenders, thus making it possible for them to get the latest greatest model. Use your ingenuity, save up some money for nice things, and place food and food preparation high on your list of priorities. Food is a critical part of your health and cuisine a delightful part of your social life. 


Must have

  • dishes
  • flatware, i.e. knives, forks, etc.
  • all purpose glasses, for hot and cold, the ideal being for both, i.e. Picardie glasses (repurposed jam jars for cups, anyone ? )
  • saucepan
  • frypan, nonstick
  • ladle
  • spatulas
  • knife set
  • usable cloth napkins
  • pitcher
  • roasting pan
  • covered casserole pan, stove to oven
  • potholders
  • dishtowels
  • cutting board
  • cookbooks or internet access
  • set of preparation bowls
  • measuring sets: quarts, cups, teaspoons and tablespoons.


Nice to have

  • serving dishes and utensils
  • table wear such as table cloths
  • toaster
  • blender
  • hand blender
  • slow cooker
  • sushi roller
  • yogurt maker
  • ice cream maker
  • air popcorn popper  
  • dedicated freezer
  • panini press
  • waffle iron


Objects of Desire

  • barbeque or grill
  • Cuisinart food processor
  • Kitchenaid Mixer
  • Vita Mix Blender
  • wood burning pizza oven
  • pressure cooker

My new favorite gadget is my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. It is the opposite of a slow cooker. It is a fast cooker, but the result is the same: tender flavorful meat from inexpensive cuts, and rich well developed sauces. For a long time I had the great idea to set food cooking in the slow cooker before I went to work, and when I returned 8-9 hours later, it would be all nicely done. Well, that did not materialize for a variety of reasons. I failed to prep the night before. I worried about burning the house down when I was gone. I didn’t want to leave it overnight, or I thought I might not come home as planned.

When Michelle Tam of turned me onto the Instant Pot, I knew it was a match made in heaven. I could come home from work anytime and have a thoroughly cooked hearty meal ready in thirty minutes or less. Last night I spent 15 minutes of prep time on a brand new recipe,  threw raw chicken thighs in the instant pot with sauce and onions, and 15 minutes later I had steaming fragrant lemongrass coconut chicken that seemed like it had simmered all day. Everyone was intrigued and there were no leftovers. 

Cooking is one of the best hobbies, along with fitness. I have prepared a little collection for you to illustrate just how I feel about the the tools of the cooking trade. Enjoy !