Food Friday: Nutrition Reminders

In the office, most patients show understanding of good nutrition. And yet, when at home they say they have trouble actually eating healthy. The frustrates them and mystifies me. I would like to help. Sometimes I'd like to just come home with them to show them how easy it is to make it work. But that isn’t exactly practical. Instead I’d like to come up with something tangible that would remind them of all the principles and tips they have learned, so they can put them into practice. 

Sometimes I think this could be done with an attractive nutrition art poster to be displayed in the kitchen. Sometimes, I imagine kitchen linens featuring helpful suggestions in clever graphics, e.g. “ Eat your greens ! “ For quite a while I have been imagining a deck of cards. Each card would feature one nutrition reminder. 

The reminders would have to be attractive, both visually and tangibly.The principles they conveyed would have to be simple and clear. Right now I am trying to cook up a list of catchy little reminder phrases which will help people have an enjoyable and easy time making good nutrition at home. I would like to devote this post to sharing what I have so far, and to solicit your input about what reminders you could use. 

Here’s my list so far: 

  • 3m3s
  • Bring your Own Bags 
  • Buy in Bulk
  • Buy in Season 
  • Buy Local 
  • Celebrate 
  • Cook from Scratch 
  • Cook With Kids 
  • Don’t buy Junk 
  • Dress the Table 
  • Drink Tea
  • Drink Water 
  • Eat Cultured 
  • Eat Fermented
  • Eat Low Glycemic
  • Eat Salads
  • Eat the Rainbow 
  • Eat While Grains 
  • Explore Cooked Vegetables 
  • Eat Healthy Fats 
  • Eat Fresh or Frozen
  • Eat with Friends
  • Eat Fresh Fruit 
  • Eat Organic
  • Eat Sustainable Fish 
  • Explore Paleo 
  • Grown Your Own Food 
  • Hara Hachi Bu 
  • Keep Sharp Knives
  • Keep Your own Recipes 
  • Know Your Farmer 
  • Make Extra Dinner 
  • Nuts to You 
  • Order Your Way 
  • Pack Your Lunch 
  • PPP
  • Purchase Good Containers
  • Read Labels 
  • Read Cookbooks
  • Resect Food Allergies and Intolerances 
  • Prep Your Breakfast 
  • Share Recipes
  • Share Your Garden Surplus
  • Shop Twice per Week 
  • Sit Down for Meals
  • Spice it Up 
  • Take Food Pictures 
  • Use a Kitchen Scale  

I would really appreciate any other ideas you have about what might help make good nutrition happen for you. Meanwhile, if you haven't already, check our the blog on the website and scroll back to see the last several Food Fridays for more cooking inspiration.