Food Friday: Skin Food- Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Body Cream

You all know how I love chocolate. What if you could indulge in chocolate without a single calorie ? That wonderful smell of cocoa butter is the answer. I make my own body cream out of cocoa butter and coconut oil. I have very dry and very sensitive skin due to my lupus. I have found this is well tolerated and very helpful. 

The internet abounds with recipes for homemade cream such as this. I will provide a no frills version PLUS some extra tips to ensure the process is hassle free. 

Prepare all your supplies first:

  • Cocoa butter and coconut oil in 1:1 ratio
  • powerful mixer with whisk attachment 
  • glass bowl for microwave
  • spatula and ladle
  • final containers such as mason jars with lids 
  • roll of paper towels for covering the work surface, covering the mixer and for cleanup
  • a handy garbage bag
  • Stovetop with good ventilation
  • shallow metal pan or bowl for cooling 


Place equal volumes of each fat in a microwave bowl. Warm as little as possible to get it all completely melted and mixed. You can do the same on a stovetop with a double boiler or simply a bowl over a pot of hot water. Stir. Ensure good ventilation. 

Cool in metal pan until solids are just beginning to reform. While still mostly liquid beat mixture in powerful mixer, covering mixer with paper towel to avoid spray. Stop at the yellow slightly thickened stage for a product that is like butter. Whip to stiffer white peaks for a creamy body spread. Work quickly at this stage since it will harden on your utensils. 

Spoon or pour into mason jars or other decorative containers and place lids. 

Clean up all thick material with the paper towels. Hot water will dissolve this stuff, but when it gets cool again in your drain, it will clog it. Get as much off with your paper towels and then wash up the faint residue with hot soapy water. 

This stuff smells wonderful and would be great for pregnant bellies, healing scars, or dry winter skin. I hope you like it.