Wellness Wednesday: Hair Care

Hair care is a case of less being more. I am of the opinion that if something is healthy, then it is beautiful. I believe this is true for hair, but also for skin and bodies in general. Here are some tips from the American Academy of Dermatologists on evidence based hair care. 


The basics: 

Oily hair and scalp require more frequent shampoo washes, perhaps even daily. Older or chemically treated hair may tolerate it less. To get the best of both worlds, massage shampoo into the scalp only. Do not scrub shampoo into your hair; let it run through the hair from the scalp. Washing too infrequently may foster the development of dandruff. 

Use conditioner after each shampoo, even is hair is oily. Concentrate it on the ends or dry parts the hair. If hair is very dry, it may need additional treatments. 

Dry hair by a loose towel wrap or air drying. Do not rub the hair with a towel. Blow drying, while popular, adds to damage. Wet hair is not unattractive. It can even be seen on the runway as a “look”. 



Restrain your hair without tension. Use bands covered with fabric to avoid damaging the hair. 

Wear a cap for routine swimming in pools. Rinse hair thoroughly after swimming in chlorinated or salt water. Wash with a swimmer’s shampoo and deep condition as well. 

Wear at hat to cover your hair. Your scalp with thank you. Wear a brim and your face will thank you. 



Go for a natural style, with a minimum of handling and products.

Keep brushing to a minimum. To minimize damage, straight hair should be brushed or combed when dry, and curly hair should be combed or brushed when wet, using conditioner to relax the curls. 

Irons should be used only on low or moderate heat, and no more than every other day. 

Minimize the use of braids, cornrows, ponytails and hair extensions, which can produce tension. Tension leads to breakage and even permanent hair loss. 

Avoid long lasting hold products, which can predispose the hair to breakage. 

Color, perm or relax as infrequently as possible. Have only one such service at a time. Choose professionals to accomplish these potentially damaging services. 


What if your hair needs a doctor?: 

If you have overall hair thinning or patchy hair loss, a visit to the Dermatologist may be in order. Treatments are available. Hair loss can be due to illness, childbirth, stress, high fevers, surgery, excess weight loss, or even stopping birth control pills. 


The best fashion is a good body.

The best makeup is healthy skin.

Likewise the best hair is hair in good condition.