Food Friday: More on Edible Gifts

There are 23 days until Christmas ! There is still time to assemble some economical, healthful and delicious food gifts ! 

Traditionally, holiday food gifts are sweets and baked goods, and this is great for special occasions. If however, you’d like to focus on more healthful choices, here are some suggestions. Think savory, and think beyond food, per se. 


Recipes for all these are easily found on the internet and especially on Pinterest. Please feel free to follow me and check out my boards on Paleo Nutrition and Gifts.

When you prepare a holiday food gift, make the containers part of the gift. Baskets, jars and decorative boxes are widely available at craft, sewing, or even hardware stores. 

To make your gift really nice, include an artful hand lettered card or tag about how to use the gift. Perhaps include it's recipe if it is prepared. To make the gift really deluxe, include a book. For example, A spice oriented gift could be a selection of jarred and labelled spices in a nice basket, complete with a book on spice mixes. 

Be sure to make a list of all the people you wish to acknowledge, thank, or regale with gifts. Start now if you haven’t already. Have a plan and keep it simple. Doing so will reduce stress during the busy holiday. More importantly, it will give you more joy during the process.