Food Friday: Comfort Food

I think we could all use a little comfort food after this week. 

We turn to comfort foods when we are stressed, sad or lonely. I know lots of people felt this way after this week’s presidential election, especially women. So I am here with some ideas for healthy comfort food. 

Comfort foods are traditionally loaded with simple or refined carbohydrates. Classics include baked goods like muffins and pie, heavy savory food like french fries, mashed potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs. They are filling, warm and associated with good memories. How can you make some of your own without going into a carbohydrate coma and feeling worse after you’re done ? 

I suggest starting with some hot tea, dressed nicely with lemon and and a little agave. This might be all you need. A savory alternative is a hot chicken broth, made easily from jarred organic broth mix which is readily available in standard grocery stores these days. 

If you need more, and you need it quickly, consider homemade popcorn with olive oil, salt, herbs, lemon pepper, or nutritional yeast. (The nutritional yeast is something you’ll have to get at your local organic foods store.)

If you can take the time to prepare something, be strategic. We will go with the traditional items, just tweaked for the cause of health. 



Try my fruit muffins 2.0 HERE  and use gluten free flour or whole wheat flour, depending on your tolerances. Try cutting the sugar. 



Try a Paleo nut crust with a fruit that doesn't need much sweetening. Plums come to mind. When I thaw frozen pie fruit out of season, I do so in a large nonstick frying pan, and pretty much get the water poured or boiled off, and the filling made. How about Paleo pumpkin pie made with coconut cream ? 

Here’s some recipes:

These recipes are for YOU. Don’t expect to serve a huge room of extended family these healthy alternative recipes and not get some comments about how they are different. They are different in that the crust is not the same and the fillings are less sweet. But they are treats you can feel good about. A brief search on Pinterest will yield dozens of Paleo pumpkin pie recipes. 


French Fries: 

This is easy: Crispy baked or broiled sweet potato fries made with coconut or olive oil. The key is in the cut. Sharpen your knife. Make them uniform. If you are brushing them with olive oil, make them thin, so high heat is not required. I recommend a large cookie pan lined with parchment. Lay the fries in a single layer brushed with oil and salted with kosher salt. The add pepper or herbs as desired. Bake at 375 in the upper half of oven until they are beginning to crisp. Dip in paleo or home made olive oil mayonnaise instead of sugary ketchup. Aioli sauce would also be nice. You may cook them in a hotter oven if you use coconut oil, but watch them carefully. 


Mashed "potatoes": 


Here you can try the now famous FAUX potatoes which are made with cauliflower. Wash and cut a whole head of cauliflower, cook until fork tender. You may steam, boil, or roast it. Then blend with a tablespoon of healthy fat like olive oil or a little butter, add salt or pepper to taste. Some people add a little garlic puree, but that is optional. Garnish with turkey bacon bits, and maybe chives. 


"Spaghetti" and meatballs: 


This gives you the chance to try Zoodles, or zucchini noodles. Use a peeler, or a special tool widely available in the kitchen gadget section of major stores. They cook quickly, so beware and do them last. Make the marinara sauce and meatballs of your dreams, the simply have them over the well drained Zoodles. 


I hope you have a nice comforting weekend.