Food Friday: Preparing for a Halloween Party

Halloween food can be goofy or elegant. But one thing's for sure: It should be good and not overly sweet. That's because is needs to buffer the sugar from the treats. Tomorrow we are having a Halloween birthday party, since our youngest was born on Halloween. 

Decor is dark botanical, with raven feathers, black roses and peacock feathers. Candles will be plentiful and a large illuminated spider web graces the large window. Black cheesecloth is draped over a dark green tablecloth, and mismatched silver completes the look. I always feature some little treasure on the table, and this time it is organic chocolate peanut better cups.

For the menu, the main dish will be traditional. he side dishes will be more exotic. Accordingly, I will do roasted chickens with multicolored potatoes. Side dishes may include an exotic vegetable mix with mushrooms, asparagus, eggplant and anything else interesting and provocative. I will try to get some heirloom black tomatoes for a salad of dark greens. 

Dessert will be cherry pie and a six layer chocolate cake. Drinks will be Pellegrino and a " cauldron" of fruit punch with dry ice. 

So at this point I will share the prep work and the decorations, and tomorrow some actual food shots.