Wellness Wednesday : Your Wellness Challenges

This Wednesday I am reaching out to understand your health challenges and what could potentially help you meet them. I work with patients nearly every day and give them information about what can improve their health. Sometimes they are able to work successfully with it and sometimes not. I am fascinated with what separates the two groups. 

I have always tried to make the process of becoming healthy accessible to everyone. I am striving to learn the pertinent behavioral science behind health habits that will enable me to help you actually make those positive health changes. 

I myself am motivated by a variety of things: healthy cookbooks, exercise videos, stories of success, and even inspirational cards that sit on my desk. 

I invite you to take my survey and let me know about your challenges and what you think could help. I am most interested in your response. Click on yoga girl below to access the survey. I promise to publish results next week on Wellness Wednesday. 


Dr. Gina