Food Friday: Treats

This is a health oriented blog. And yet, I hope for all my readers to experience a wide range of culinary delights. Food is for celebration and rich sweet treats are served at celebrations. How can you participate without feeling like you’ve eaten poorly ? Here are ten tips to turn nutrition buffs into connoisseurs too. 





  1. Eat properly on all regular days. 
  2. Get your workout done before attending your party. 
  3. Fill up on healthy foods before the dessert treats arrive. Savor them as much as the treats to come. 
  4. Fill up on healthy beverages like water, soda water and herb tea before dessert arrives. 
  5. Skip dessert if its not really well done. 
  6. Skip alcohol if you chose a rich dessert. 
  7. Be discriminating. Chose only the best for yourself, e.g. choose chocolate mousse over a cheap candy bar. 
  8. Take a small portion. 
  9. Savor your portion; Eat slowly and mindfully. 
  10. Enjoy !