Medical Monday: ACOG weekly news

What's an Ob/Gyn site without a little OB/Gyn news ? I like reading the Ob/Gyn News and I like translating science information into clear non medical language. So I'm going to give Medical Monday's another go. 

A large Finnish study has show that those who have depression and who are treated for it in pregnancy have lower rates of preterm labor than those who have it and are not treated for it. 

Most everyone has heard of BRCA1 and BRCA2, the genes conferring increased of breast cancer. Unfortunately there are many more gene mutations which are associated with the development of breast cancer. Fortunately, testing for 20 more of these genes may soon become available for select patients with strong family histories of breast cancer. 

Fully one quarter of American women 65 and older have osteoporosis. Thank our marginal diet, heredity, Big Soda, Big Tobacco, alcohol and our sedentary lifestyle. 

One third of ovary cancer patients are living in excess of 10 years. This is a substantial improvement over the last several decades. 

Finally, stats are in through 2013 and infant mortality in the US has dropped to a record low. Wow, finally ! I'm going to try to end on a good note, so with that, stay tuned until next week.