Structure Sunday: What I do to stay healthy

I am 53 and I have lupus. But I am pretty darn healthy, thank goodness. People often ask me what I do to stay healthy. It's really no mystery. So today's structure Sunday is about the structure of my week. 

Sunday- the beginning of my week

  • Breakfast with family
  • Team clean - ( Housecleaning) especially laundry
  • Clean desk, pay bills ( which I have recently mostly automated yay ! ) a big stress reducer
  • Grocery shopping 
  • small scale recreation 
  • longer workout 
  • family dinner 
  • Prep for the workday per usual routine- down to packing lunch and snacks, and picking morning outfit ! ( a stress reducer and time saver ) 


Monday -workday

  • The usual routine of am protein drink, midmorning snack, second breakfast, lunch and midafternoon snack. Daytime intake must include one large glass of water, one large bowl of ground green tea, and one small cup of kefir, a probiotic.
  • pm- break from workout 
  • family dinner per usual routine 

Tuesday- workday 

  • usual routine 
  • longer workout 

Wednesday - surgery and chores

  • grocery shopping 
  • shorter workout 
  • entertain if possible 

Thursday workday 

  • longer workout 

Friday - workday 

  • shorter workout 
  • special family dinner
  • evening outing 

Saturday - 

  • family breakfast 
  • longer workout 
  • larger scale recreation 
  • entertain 


Everyone thrives on routine, from adults to children.  It gives your system signals of peace and plenty. With a reasonable routine, stress hormones decrease and everything from thinking to healing improves. 

You can also use routine help with taking medications and supplements, and to regulate your sleep schedule. If you are having a tough time meeting your health goals, just build a routine. Routine can make hard things easy. 

People say they do not have the willpower to eat well and exercise regularly. Here's the newsflash: It's not so much a matter of willpower as it is engineering. You simply schedule your healthy habits and stick to the schedule, no questions asked.