Structure Sunday: The Structure of Our Practice

Some say medical care in America is deeply flawed. Some say it is the best in the world. On some level, I think both are true. But one thing is sure: Medicine is evolving. We are evolving with it. On July 1st, we will be joining Kalispell Regional Medical Center. 

This is a decision that has been some time in coming. My staff, hospital administration and I have put a lot of time and care into crafting us into a new thing: a medical practice that embodies the best of solo private practice, while benefitting from the support of a larger medical center. 

We want to be on the cutting edge. We want to be a part of the future, where care becomes more rational. Rational care means that duplication of services in the community is avoided. It also means that gaps in care are filled. It means that everyone can get the care they need when they need it.

To this end, our hospital is embarking on an expansion that will bring much enhanced services to women and children here and in our surrounding region. It is a very exciting time to be here and I and my staff are excited to be on board. 

I'm lucky because I work at a hospital with a philosophy of service, teamwork and congeniality. My solo office has worked this way for 21 years and will continue to do so for at least another 15. Our patient care has been based on evidence based medicine, but it has, just as much, been based on quality relationships. My patients can rest assured that none of this will change. 

Our billing will change and our overhead will go down. Eventually, I will have some call coverage, which will be more inline with current practice recommendations and with my health. The office, the staff, and our style of medicine and management will stay the same. There will still be music playing in the rooms and essential oils wafting through the halls. 

I am proud to say that in the course of merging with the hospital, we have received numerous compliments about the way we have been doing things. For that, I have to give credit to our brilliant managers, Tara and Dorothy. I have been truly blessed with these and my other staff members past and present. My only worry is that that administration will find out how truly valuable these women are. 

We look forward to seeing you in clinic and online as per usual.