Food Friday: Food for the postpartum mom

Food is a traditional gift. But, for the postpartum mom, it is best given with some forethought. 

Consider whether it would be best to do a fresh, ready to eat meal or maybe a freezer dinner for later. Make sure to find out about any allergies or food preferences before you prepare. If you do choose a freezer dinner, make sure she has enough room in the freezer. If you need recipes for make ahead meals, there is a wealth of them on,, and of course Pinterest. For a deluxe gift, get together with a few of her friends and assign each person a meal for each day of the week for the first week she is home.  Friends did this for me once and it was so much fun. 

The breastfeeding mom needs between 300 and 500 calories or extra nutrition after the delivery of the baby. She especially needs high quality proteins, healthy fats and fluids. As far as food restrictions because of baby, there really are none. I have always taken the view that baby will to learn to like garlic, chili and chocolate just like I do! There really are no medical reasons to avoid strongly flavored foods when you are breastfeeding. 

Food gifts do not have to be meals. They can be baked goods or even a basket of healthy snacks or a case of healthy drinks like Pellegrino water. 

Gifts do not even have to be food! If you are fairly familiar with the new mom and her home, consider a gift of housekeeping, gardening, pet care or personal shopping on her behalf. You can draw up a cute certificate to present to her if you like, and she can cash it in when she prefers. 

Just remember that the new postpartum mom is bound to be tired. While your gift is almost certainly welcome, your postpartum friend might not be up to a great deal of socializing. So keep your visit short and sweet. 

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