Structure Sunday: The structure of food and eating

I am working hard on the section of the website under Health entitled " Nutrition". I am really enjoying this since I am a great foodie. However, my section is not finished quite yet. I am really looking forward to you seeing it a a unified whole. 

But have written a great deal already, and plenty for you to look at today. 

So start by considering that your knowledge of nutrition will depend on your knowledge of the structure of food. Food divides itself fairly neatly into three categories, proteinfat and carbohydrates. I invite you to read around in these particular sections, since they are pretty well rounded out. 

Then begin thinking about the fact that nutrition is not only about what you eat, it is about when you eat food and about what you eat it with. In the very near future I will have some content for you on just these topics. Stay tuned for some tasty posts.