Wellness Wednesday: The first principles of fitness

Bath, England    

Bath, England 


There is a village in England called Bath. It is called this after the natural heated pools that are found there. There and in similar places around the world people have sought healing waters. Theses waters have alleviated pains in muscles and joints perhaps by virtue of their warmth and enhancement of mobility and circulation. In such places the spa was born. 

I have always thought of exercise as a spa treatment from the inside out. Of course it takes more effort than simply slipping into a heated pool, but the benefits are greater. For example, the cardiovascular system is healed and strengthened. The immune system is boosted. Muscle and bone growth is stimulated and fat is burned. Arthritic joints are mobilized and balance is improved. Stress is relieved and mood is enhanced. Moreover, confidence and a sense of accomplishment are created. 

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All of this sounds appealing and yet exercise is so hard to sell.  Once begun, seems hard for many to continue. This is one of the main challenges I face in my practice: How to inspire people to exercise, and even more, how to educate them to be consistent in perpetuity. 



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I am just starting to build my section of the website which deals with fitness. I have surveyed many authoritative websites having to do with exercise but my favorite so far is the American College of Sports Medicine, or ascm.org.  I have looked for their answers to some fundamental questions. In the following link, I will share a few of them with you. I plan to devote the Wednesday Wellness blog post exclusively to exercise. Join me as we learn from the ground up. 

Fitness Basics