Wellness Wednesday: Wellness Gifts

Still searching for that perfect gift ? Why not give something that promotes health and wellness ? I propose considering a “ wellness gift”. Here are some useful categories: 


1. Books on health and wellness. These could be books on mental or physical health. 

The Seven Habits books by Stephen Covey are some of my favorites. 

2. DVDs for exercise, yoga or meditation- Try those by Gaiam or Jillian Michaels. 

3. Basket of healthy drinks: herb teas, decaf coffees, matcha, or chai

4. Basket of healthy foods 

5. Healthy cookbooks ! - Try the Mayo clinic cookbooks, as well as the series by Jonny Bowden PhD, CNS. 

6. Tuition for a series of health classes, but only if you are sure they want them. 

7. Cool workout gear, or a gift certificate for it. 

8. Certificates for spa treatments, massage, or even a personal trainer session.


Spread cheer this season with some of these worthwhile wellness gifts.