Talking about the weather

Have you ever mentioned that the weather was dreary ? Well I did one day and haven't since. 

I said this in passing to a long time patient of mine. She, being older, wiser and a breast cancer survivor, gave me that look, and said simply, " Dr Nelson, ALL weather is good weather. ". Point taken. 

So when you consider the driving rain, flat grey clouds, or even the pounding sun, remember my patient's wisdom, and enjoy the weather for what it is. 

My daughter, when very small, had a peculiar habit. In the dead of winter, she would stand in the snow and say, " I wish I could feel the hot sun beating down on me ". In the summer, when it was hot, she would, I kid you not, say, " I wish I could roll in the snow." Finally I said to her, if you could love the cold in winter and the heat in summer, and not the other way around, you would be the happiest girl ever. 

And so I recommend this attitude to you. But as a doctor I would say the key to enjoying any and all weather is preparation. Chose your outings wisely. Dress in layers and carry plenty of water and sunscreen. Pack lots of healthy snacks to keep everyone happy. Summer is for adventure and fun, not stress and discomfort. And remember, all weather is good weather.