Structure Sunday: Holidays, the Happy Disruption

I have been meaning to write a post about how routine is the basis of all health maintenance.  It has to do with how small simple tasks repeated over and over in time, create health. Or wealth, for that matter. Everyone knows that small consistent contributions to a savings account make large gains over time. One could also argue that consistent routine is the basis of most work or creative productivity. 

But health is our wealth, and what I want to emphasize is the regularity of just a couple things: nutrition in three healthy meals and snacks, and regular 6 days per week of exercise. If these could be done simply, moderately, and consistently, without a lot of stress or fanfare, it would be awesome.

However, it is the holiday season. Holidays can be disruptive, to health, wealth, nutrition, exercise and work. And as you have seen, I am a bit off schedule in certain things. For example, I took some time off from the blog due to sheer merriment and kids being home from college. But I have been thinking about you all, and how you are faring, during this festive and sometimes disruptive season. 

Here are my simple suggestions for keeping the happy in the holidays. Try to keep to your exercise above all, especially since you're perhaps eating richer food this season. Even if you eat treats, such as those on this holiday table, don't fret. Sample them in moderation, by all means, but be sure to include healthy holiday food in the menu. 

And since it is the holiday season, I feel I can ask for a few more things. Have ice water or plain club soda on every table, and ladies, no more than one 8 ounce glass of beer, wine, or champagne per day. Try to sleep at least 7 hours per night. Finally, develop a holiday month plan, right down to gifts, wrapping, invitations, and meals. I am a big advocate of plotting all this on a calendar, and refining what works bests year after year.

Routines, large and small, will help you keep the holidays merry and bright.