Soda pop had such an innocent reputation. 

I can remember when I was 19, some 33 years ago, my now father in law asking me if he could " buy me a pop".  Back when he grew up, soda fountains were where all the clean cut kids hung out. It was the1950s. The war was over and we were enthralled with becoming modern. Artificial was better. Soda replaced juice. Dutiful mothers mixed up packets of Kool Aid and served it guilelessly with Wonder Bread sandwiches and Hostess Twinkies. Everything had a brand name since the advertising business had taken off. Home made food was for poor people. 

Fast forward to the present. We are concerned with being natural and being healthy. Our science is infinitely better. And yet old habits, and long entrenched financial interests die hard. 

We know that soda pop is a high contributor to both childhood and adult obesity in this country. I routinely see patients drop ten pounds with they quit their soda habit and do nothing else differently.

Additionally, soda has replaced protein and calcium rich milk for young people. It also contains caffeine. Because of this I predict a rise in bone thinning especially when this generation reaches middle age. 

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