Smoothies and Juices 


Pin much ? 

Of course I am referring to the popular internet site called Pinterest. You can find all kinds of things there, but in my feed at least, there are a disproportionate number of smoothie photos. and this may be justified. If made the right way, smoothies can be quick easy sources of nutrition. 

Commercial smoothies are not necessarily so healthy. They can be full of sugar, fats, fillers and various artificial flavors.

But you can make them with fresh fruits and vegetables. My tip is to add some sort of source of protein. I recommend milk, yoghurt, kefir or the protein powder of your choice. The added protein slows down the entry of the natural sugars into your system, giving you a slow release of energy and less chance of fat deposition. 

What about fruit juice ? 

By now you probably know that while fruit juice was once considered a health staple, it is now recommended only in moderation or as an ingredient in healthy  smoothies. It's glycemic index is just too high.

Whole fruits eaten or blended are completely different nutritionally and quite beneficial. 

See the section on Carbohydrates to learn more about that. 

What about juice cleanses ? 

Many authorities have come out against cleanses and call it the misguided and unscientific practice that it is. It is a nutritional deprivation and a stress, pure and simple. It is not a detox, or a cleanse of any kind. It is downright dangerous for those with serious illnesses like cancer. 

Good food is a blessing  and it is a necessity. Smoothies can be a fun part of everyday eating. You can make them fancy, call them mocktails, and serve them at parties too.