Milk is much maligned these days. It seems too much is determined by fashion and hearsay, rather than science. 

People have concerns about the conditions of cows producing milk,  and the additives antibiotics and hormones given in conventional dairies.  These are all legitimate concerns , but nowadays organic pasture produced  milk is widely available. 

Medical people have legitimate concerns about intake of saturated fat, but then again, skim milk and skim milk products are widely available. 

Finally, lactose intolerance is on the rise. Fortunately even lactose free products are becoming widespread. 

I often hear of people substituting other " milks " for animal derived milks. These range from hemp, to coconut, almond and soy. They may taste good, and they may work around lactose intolerance, but they are not nutritionally superior. These are sources of incomplete protein and sometimes just carbohydrate and liquid. 

With regular skim organic cow's milk, I get a great source of hydration, protein, Calcium and vitamin D. What's not to like ? 



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