Food Friday:A New Year's Pantry

It’s time for a fresh start on your nutrition. Here’s an easy way to go beyond intentions and take a SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time bound) step to better nutrition: 

Clean out your pantry. 

This is a way of taking stock of your eating habits as they really are. I suggest the following plan for success in this endeavor: 

  • Put your family on notice so they can prepare.
  • Have a simple plan for your healthy meal while you get all this done
  • Take everything out of the pantry and sort it into
    • Keep 
    • Donate 
    • Compost 
    • Trash 
  • Be ruthless and keep only what fits into the plan of healthy eating. If you are unsure, then review our section on Nutrition
  • Clean the whole pantry. 
  • Replace the good stuff which made the cut.
  • Now that you have a detailed overview of what you have and what you lack, make an excellent list of your healthy pantry staples. Keep the list on your phone and make a couple laminated copies for the pantry itself and for your wallet. 

You will feel such a great sense of satisfaction, and you will be on your way to dietary honesty. Stay tuned next week for my preferred list of staple pantry goods.