Java... Jo... coffee is so beloved, it has it's own terms of endearment. It is one of the most commonly consumed beverages on the planet. 

But how healthy is it ? 

It turns out, taken in moderation, it is reasonably problem free. However, taken in excess, it can lead to problems like bone loss, high blood pressure, stomach irritation and dehydration. This is primarily due to it's caffeine content. According to the FDA, two to four - 8 ounce cups per day are fine. In pregnancy, this is reduced to one cup, since more that that is associated with decreased fetal growth. 

One can get around these concerns by drinking a good quality decaf. Try to chose a water process decaf. And brew your own by filtering through paper. This removes a substance that increases LDL cholesterol. Who knew ? 

Consider that coffee is made from a roasted tropical bean. It is full of numerous biologically active compounds like antioxidants. It may protect against diabetes, Parkinsons and liver disease. 

Remember too, that the effect of coffee on health is modified but the following factors : 

Is coffee replacing a nutritious meal ? 

Does coffee prompt smoking ?

Is coffee taken with all kinds of sugar and creamers that make it unhealthy ? 


To learn more go to this excellent review from the Harvard School of Public Health